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Selected Issue: 35-1
Cover: "Albert J. Bannen, 95th Pennsylvaniaā€¯

Photo by Jack W. Melton, Jr.; artifacts courtesy the Russell J. Wunker Collection.  Please see our cover story on p. 38.




22        Recollections of Buddy Andes

            by (of course) Buddy Andes, with an

            introduction by the publisher


26        Pocketwatch of Franklin Myers,

            Comanche Cavalryman

            by Dennis O. Hogge


28        The Relic Hunters' Contributions:

            A Study in Texas Artillery   

            by Michael Powell


31        The Rarest Confederate Frame Buckle     

            by Roger S. Durham


38        Cover Story: Albert J. Bannen,

            Color Bearer,

            95th Pennsylvania   

            by Russell J. Wunkder


46        12th New Hampshire:

            Drummer's History Unearthed      

            by David Vander Haeghe


63        Abolitionist's 1862 Colt Revolver

            by Joseph Bloom





  7        From the Trenches

                        The only constant is change


            8          We've Got Mail

                        Happy reunions and an award-winning display


            12        Field Recoveries


18        Publisher's Forum

                        It's all in the perspective


74        Traders' Corner


75        Collectors' Calendar