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Selected Issue: 35-3

Cover: "Today's the Day”
Photo by Jack W. Melton, Jr.; composition by Stephen W. Sylvia and Jack W. Melton, Jr.; artifacts courtesy Joe Haile.  Please see our p. 34 cover story on the breathtaking recent success of a longtime relic hunter.

The Credit Where Due Issue, in which once-overlooked artifacts, 
previously unsung soldiers, and deserving collectors come to the fore—and a misattribution gets corrected at last 

22 The Curry Comb: Overlooked Relic of the War
 by Ken R. Knopp, with assistance from Ralph Emerson

34 Cover Story: Today's the Day
 by Joe Haile

41 John Donnell Smith:
“Unlimber, commence firing”
 by William J. Stier

46 Interview: George E. Whiting,
 Pioneer Collector
 by Maj. William I. Brown (USA Ret.)
 Sidebar: Keith Gibson reports on the 
 Henry Stewart Collection at the VMI Museum

54 Who Invented Night Writing?
 by Jack W. Melton, Jr.

62 The Saga of Sherman's Hat:
 “You wear a shocking bad hat!”
 by Roger S. Durham


  7 From the Trenches
 The perils of newsprint  
9 We've Got Mail
 Word from Down Under
12 Field Recoveries
18 Publisher's Forum
 Time lapses, judgment lapses, and Twain
74 Traders' Corner
75 Collectors' Calendar