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Selected Issue: 35-4

Cover: "The Austrian M1851 Carbine"

New discoveries now give this little understood firearm its rightful place in Civil War history. Photo by Jack W. Melton, Jr.; composition by Jack W. Melton, Jr., Peggy Melton, and Stephen W. Sylvia; artifacts courtesy Russ Pritchard, Jr.; cover story on p. 22.

Cover Story:The Austrian M1851 Carbine by Russ Pritchard, Jr., and Tim Prince

The Big Digs of Spring 2011by Stephen W. Sylvia

The Irish-Made Confederate Uniforms of Peter Tait by Frederick R. Adolphus

An Iowan's Miracle by Michael S. Collins

Ketchum's Hand Grenade by Jack W. Melton, Jr.

Col. Roger's Sword, Part II by Stephen W. Sylvia with Allen Wandling

Wilderness Church Hunt by Jack Hepler

Coin Cache by staff with Mark Stephens



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