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Selected Issue: 35-6
The Family Issue, in which brothers, husbands and wives, fathers and sons, and great-grandfathers and great-grandsons come together to show that history is, after all, a family affair


"Kady Brownell": photo by Jack W. Melton, Jr.; composition by Jack W. Melton, Jr., Peggy Melton, and Stephen W. Sylvia; artifact courtesy Chris Gorges; please see our cover story on p. 41.


The Regifted Regift by Daniel J. Binder

A precious gift from a father comes home


Carved Bullets & Soldier Art by Quindy Robertson

The author isn't the only one in the family with a great collection


Charles Tobey's War Years by John Gross

Contact with a soldier's descendant brings stunning photos to light


Kady Brownell: Lady of Combat by Chris Gorges

Husband and wife forge a love story in the trenches


GAR Canteen Connection by Nancy Dearing Rossbacher with Richard Allen Brownell, Sr.

Yes, two Brownells in one issue—what are the odds?


Brothers in Arms: 7th New York Heavy Artillery by Ryan Houston

In the fray at Cold Harbor


The Artillerists' Corner: Accurate Projectile Names by Jack W. Melton, Jr.

A Dyer is to a Burton as a Tennessee sabot is to a ... what?


The Relic Swap by Stephen M. Henry

There's blood kin and then there's the family of the heart