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NSTCW Vol. 36 No. 6

Cover:"Capt. Benjamin Justice, 47th North Carolina," photo by Stephen W. Sylvia, artifacts courtesy the Allen Wandling Collection. Please see our cover story on p. 38.


Slaughter Pen Pickup

by John J. Barone

Sharps carbine left on the field at Gettysburg

Dr. Henry Genet Taylor, 8th New Jersey

and 3rd Corps Brigade Surgeon

by William McKenna

A New Jersey healer�s artifacts survive

Ames and Batty Peace Flasks

by Daniel J. Binder

Designations, variations, and more


Capt. Benjamin Justice, 47th North Carolina

by Allen Wandling with N.D. Rossbacher

Part warrior, part scholar

Wilson�s Creek National Battlefield Park:

Trans-Mississippi Jewel

Gerald L. Earley

From cramped trailer to national treasure

Christmas for Collectors

by NSTCW staff

We can be a tough bunch to buy gifts for

100 Plates Blue & Gray

by John Perkins

A Mississippi relic hunter meets his goal

Christmas with Gen. Morgan

by Quindy D. Robertson

Visions of buttons danced in their heads


From the Trenches


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Trader�s Corner