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North South Trader's Civil War Vol. 37 No. 3


"The Ugliest Gun": A ferocious cut-down capture piece rests on a
McClellan saddle made by Allegheny Arsenal.
Artifacts courtesy J.S. Mosby Antiques & Artifacts; photography by
Stephen W. Sylvia. See our cover story on p. 72.



by Stephen W. Sylvia

The finds and camaraderie continue

Friendly Fire in the 25th Massachusetts

by Roderick Gainer

History emerges from an old desk

Uncirculated OVM

by Daniel J. Binder

Dad buys a birthday present -- sort of

Artillerists' Corner: Correcting the Record

by Peter C. George

Hint: It's not a fuze

The Civil War Chasseur Cap

by Dr. Michael R. Cunningham

The most in-depth study to date

Georgia on My Mind

by Doug Stokes

This accoutrement plate find was kismet

COVER STORY: The Ugliest Gun

by Nancy Dearing Rossbacher

So hideous it's beautiful


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