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Selected Issue: 37-4
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NSTCW Vol. 37 No. 4

"Trans-Mississippi Bullets”: a first-time front cover by
photographer and Western Theatre collector Bill Gurley. See Meigs Brainard's
cover story on rare Trans-Miss missiles on p. 38.


Correcting the Record: It's Not a Civil War Friction Primer 22

by Peter C. George

Another longtime error unmasked

The Coffeys of Virginia: Prison Survivors 26

by Jerry W. Pitstick

The legacy of a remarkable family

#1 With a Bullet: Carved Message to Abe 34

by Stephen W. Sylvia

A missile missive


Civil War in the West Yields Rare Bullets, Part II 38

by Meigs Brainard

A worth-the-wait update 25 years later

Prelude to War: Senator Charles Sumner's Note 48

by Stanley B. Smullen III

A keepsake of great portent

Bayonets, Part II: British Imports 50

by Paul D. Johnson

The groundbreaking series continues

Surgeon Wiley's Tent 64

by Dr. Gordon E. Dammann

Rare is an understatement