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Selected Issue: 39-3
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2 From the Trenches
8 Incoming!
12 Field Recoveries
19 NSTCW on the Road
20 Publisher's Forum
22 Isaiah M. Kelly, 6th New Hampshire: 15ยข Immortality
by Daniel J. Binder
A well-spent photographer's fee
26 James Ruby: Indian Fighter & Wisconsin Trooper
by Jerry Pitstick
A presentation firearm covers a lot of ground
30 John Milton Gamwell, 49th Massachusetts
by John C. Russell
One collector's box of magic
40 Gustav W. Lurman, 1st Maryland Cavalry, CSA
by R. Gregory Goodell
Crossing the lines to serve the opposition
48 On Closer Inspection:
5th New Jersey Canteen
by Ken Fleming
A formerly dismissed canteen gets its due
54 The Merrill Cartridge Box
by Fred Gaede
A scholarly treatise on this rare collectible
62 Finding a Morgan's Raid Battlefield
by Sam Waters
500 acres? We're going to need a team
66 DIV XXXII: Culpeper Caches
by Ron Cleveland
The ground continues to yield history
72 Columbia Arsenal Fuze Crate
by Robert R. Gregory
Knockin' on Confederate wood
74 Traders' Corner
75 Collector's Calender