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COVER: "Confederate Sabre Bayonets,” photo by Steve Sylvia, artifacts courtesy the Samuel P. Higginbotham II Collection. Please see cover story on p. 42

20 Civil War Mess Utensils by Patrick M. Gloyd
A groundbreaking study sheds new light

30 St. Louis Arsenal Marked Plates by Al Lyons
Period documentation of a rare plate

42 Cover Story: Bayonets Part V: Confederate Sabre Bayonets by Paul D. Johnson
The grand finale of this important series

58 Charles L. Brigham, 57th Massachusetts: Now Remembered by Nancy Dearing Rossbacher
A stencil calls forth a forgotten soldier
Sidebar: Jerry Wright: A Life of Relics by Michael Wright

62 Trove in a Tin Box: William A. Mallery, 111th New York by Al McGeehan
Effects treasured by a bereaved family

68 Imported South Carolina Sword: Blockade Survivor by W.C. Smith III and Tim Bradshaw
British by birth, South Carolina by use

71 Montpelier Gold at Madison's Home by Robert Painter
Archaeologists and relic hunters join forces

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