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NSTCW Vol. 39 No. 6




"Oliver Tilden's Sword,” photo by Simon Rycroft, artifact courtesy the Simon Rycroft Collection.  Please see the cover story on p. 40.



22           Getting the Lead Out                    

                                by Brandon Tucker                         

                                She ain't heavy — she's my West Virginia find

30           Three Battles, Six Wounds:                         

                                The Unlikely Survival of William Jasper Muse

                                by Steven W. Knott                        

                                A Tennessee Rebel defies all odds

40           COVER STORY:

                                Oliver Tilden's Sword                    

                                by Simon Rycroft             

                                A 38th New York captain gives the last full measure

51           Stars Fell on Georgia

                                by Stephen W. Sylvia     

                                A fascinating find surfaces in Acworth

54           50th New York Engineers Hospital Steward

                                by Daniel J. Binder                          

                                A revealing inspection of a ferrotype

56           To the Victor Belong the Foils

                                by Stanley B. Smullen                    

                                The foils and foibles of an Ohio wartime governor's son

62           Digging Griswoldville

                                by Jeff Wittmann                            

                                History unearthed at the gunmaker's company town

68           Recommended Road Trip: Gettysburg in Autumn

                                by R. Gregory Goodell                  

                                A feast for the eyes currently on exhibit

70           Making Change in the Civil War

                                by Robert Painter                           

                                Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar



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