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Dear Vendor,

We are pleased to announce our annual summer show on July 21 & 22, 2018, at the Richmond International Raceway. The Raceway has proven to be a great facility. It offers a better environment in all respects over our previous location with better lighting, concessions, parking, security, climate control, and room for future growth.

As always, thanks for your participation. We will have a great show with roomy surroundings, comfortable rest rooms, better food, better lighting, and ample parking. See you this summer!

Show Chairman

Steve Sylvia

Please join us for our annual
at the Richmond International Raceway
July 21-22, 2018
500 tables of high quality militaria!
For more information or for a dealer application, contact show chairman
Stephen W. Sylvia
North South Trader's Civil War
(540) 672-4845